CRIM 250 Domestic Violence (Whyte): Legal Databases

Legal Databases

Searching Nexis Uni

Family Law reviews and journals--When you get in this database, you will see "Guided Search" and "what are you interested in?" click on Law Reviews and type in "domestic violence" or "family law". Click search. 

Searching Westlaw

Family Law Statutes--When you get into the database, you will see a tab, "All Content". Click on Statutes and Court Rules. Scroll down to the Topical category and click on Family Law. You can browse by state. 

Family Law Cases-The "all content" tab has cases that you can click on. You can search for NY State for "domestic violence" cases. Click on New York under cases by state. Type in the keywords "domestic violence". 

Family Law Secondary Sources--These journal articles and reports. The "all content" tab has secondary sources that you can click on. You can do a general search for "domestic violence" or do a search by state, like New York. 

You can also go to the "practice areas" tab and click on family law. 

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