Deaf Artists and Deaf Art: Overview

Find resources related to Deaf Artists and Deaf Art, a form of Deaf art expression.

Researching Deaf Artists

This guide assists you in finding information about Deaf Artists in various formats. There is also information about De'VIA (as interpreted by Durr), a form of Deaf Art that reveals the Deaf experience, showing pride in sign language and Deaf culture (affirmative art) and painful experiences of oppression (resistance art). A recommended website with over 100 Deaf Artists is available. It is called Deaf Art/Deaf Artists. If you are writing a paper about audism, you can find resistance art, and if writing about Deaf-Gain, you can discover affirmative art. You can check out the Deaf Studies Program on the Department of Liberal Studies website. Credit goes to Patricia Durr for developing the Deaf Art/Artists collection. Thank you, Patti!

Check out the free French magazine Art Pi and Media Pi.

This is the home page of the Deaf Art, Deaf Artists website.

American De'VIA Artist: Chuck Baird

Look up deaf artists or De'VIA topics on Youtube. Here is a Youtube tribute to Chuck Baird using an ABC story by Ruthie Jordan. 

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