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Deaf Artists and Deaf Art: Deaf Studies, Culture & History Archive

Find resources related to Deaf Artists and Deaf Art, a form of Deaf art expression.

Finding Deaf Art Collections

Image of a light tan woman on a dark background with light tan font Art, Science, Industry.My responsibilities as the NTID Librarian are to help develop The Deaf Studies, Culture & History Archive collections and teach classes using the collection.

The Deaf Studies, Culture & History Archive  has interesting collections related to Deaf Art and De'VIA.  Look up Deaf Artists in the finding aids collection. When you click on a finding aid, some have a detailed inventory list. Scroll down to find this and click on the PDF to see the inventory.

The RIT Archives is in the library building and is open Monday-Friday from 9 am-12 pm and 1 pm-5 pm. It is best to make appointments with the archivists. You can email the archivists using the contact page.

Faculty, if you are interested in booking a class to review these or other items, please get in touch with Joan Naturale, NTID Librarian at or call 585-286-4635 (V/VP). 

Highlighted Deaf Studies, Culture & History Archive Collections
View a PDF of a PowerPoint to get an idea of our rich collections.

Recommended links to Deaf Museums and Archives and Deaf History periodicals are listed for your review.

Finding Aids

Ellen Mansfield
Ellen Mansfield Ceramic Plate
ASL Hungry

Fred Beam, Black Deaf Alumnus
Through Deaf Slave's Eyes

Hilary Allumaga (from Nigeria, settled in USA), Black Deaf
Hilary Allumaga "Spirit" Artwork

 Igor Kolombatovic (Refugee from Yugaslovia, settled in USA after living in Canada)
Igor Kolombatovic Collection

Jacqueline Schertz-Alumnae
Jacqueline Schertz Stained Glass Mandala

Jerome-Martin Langlois (non-Deaf)
Abbe Roch-Ambroise Cucurron Sicard Teaching Children Sign Language

John Brewster
One Shoe Off Poster
Francis O. Watts with Bird Poster

Kathryn  McGuigan Sheldon
"Morning Landing" by Kathryne McGuigan Sheldon

Mary Dignan-DeafBlind
Mary Dignan Mosaic

Melburne Spurr-Silent Film Stars Portrait Photographer
Melburne Spurr Photographs

Miguel Diaz Calderon, Mexican
"Mundos Aereos" Oil Painting

Nancy Rourke, Alumnae
Nancy Rourke

Nachor Ginouvier, French
A Lesson with Abbe Charles Michel de L'Epee after a painting by F. Peyson 

NTID Deaf Art Coursework/Website
Deaf Art/Deaf Artists Collection

Posters and Postcards
Deaf Studies Archive Poster Collection-Most are artists' posters.
Deaf Artists Cards and Postcards
Posters of George Veditz

Finding Aids

Pamela Witcher, Canadian
Pamela Witcher Painting

Patricia Durr, Alumnae
Patti Durr Collage

Paula Grcevic
Upsweep of Spring

Rita Straubhaar, Alumnae
RIta Straubhaar Photographs

Robin Bartholick, Alumnus
Robin Bartholick Photograph

Rolando Sigüenza, Mexican
"Entrada" Rolando Sigüenza 

Sander Blondeel, Alumnus, Beligian
Sander Blondeel Stained Glass Artworks

Sarah Young-Bear-Brown, Deaf Native American
Beaded portrait of a deaf Native Amerian woman

Susan Dupor, Alumnus
Susan Dupor Artwork

Theresa Matteson-Alumnae
Theresa Matteson Quilts

Tony McGregor-Native American
Tony L. McGregor Woodcuts

Tracey Salaway 
Tracey Salaway Artworks

Uzi Buzalgo-Israelite
Uzi Buzalgo Painting

Warren Miller
Veditz, Forefathers Posters
Preservation of ASL Poster

Yiqiao Wang
Veditz Poster
"Flower Boy" and "Lady Signs Flower" 

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