Deaf Artists and Deaf Art: Sample Articles

Find resources related to Deaf Artists and Deaf Art, a form of Deaf art expression.

Sample Articles

Deaf Life has some articles on deaf artists. Current magazines are on the Current Magazine Shelves.. Bound magazines are found in the PER HV 2350.D45. Look up journal or magazine titles and find out where they are located  via Journals@RIT.

De'Via Articles­-If you are looking for info on audism and resistance art, or affirmation art, check these out. 

Durr, Patricia. "Deconstructing the Forced Assimilation of Deaf People Via De'VIA Resistance and Affirmation Art." Visual Anthropology Review 15.2 (Fall 1999): 47­ 68. Bound Periodicals,  GN347.S85 v.14­15 1998/2000. 

Durr, Patricia. "Investigating De'VIA". Deaf Studies Today! Conference Proceedings, 2006.

Schertz, Brenda and Harlan Lane."Elements of a Culture: Visions by Deaf Artists." Visual Anthropology Review 15.2 (Fall 1999): 20­36. Bound Periodicals, GN347.S85 v.14­15 1998/2000.

Silver, Ann. "My Experience as an Artist Vis­à­vis Deaf Art." Visual Anthropology Review 15.2 (Fall 1999): 37­46. Bound Periodicals,  GN347.S85 v.14­15 1998/2000.

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