NDLS 280 International Studies Seminar (Japan): Guide Contents


Guide Contents

This guide will assist you with research on Japan and its culture and history.. This guide provides assistance in finding articles, using selected databases and websites, and search tips related to this topic.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me, Joan Naturale - I am the NTID and Deaf Studies Librarian and happy to help.

Reference Works & Books
Find encyclopedias about Japan that give you background information and topic ideas. Find books about Japanese culture and etiquette.
Early Japanese History
Find books and articles related to early Japanese history topics.
World War II
Find books and articles related to WW II and Postwar topics.
Postwar and Modern Japan
Find books and articles  related to postwar and modern Japan.
Pop Culture
Find books and articles related to anime and manga.
Cities in Japan
Find books and articles related to cities in Japan.
Google Tools
Use Google Tools such as Google Books and Google Scholar to discover more works
Selected websites for your review related to this topic
Find resources related to citing your work properly.

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