LEAD 200 Dimensions for Ethical Leadership: Movies & Media


Movies and Media

We listed movies in categories. We linked some titles to JustWatch, a website that shows rental options from different vendors ($1.99-$3.99). Sometimes titles are available for free (click on the free tab). Sometimes videos are available via Netflix, so if you already have a membership, click on that option and sign in. There are different prices for subscriptions to Netflix for $19.99 or Basic Netflix with Ads for $6.99. View the video to see how to navigate Dead Poets Society, which has both paid and free versions of the film. 

We also have some free titles available through our library database, Kanopy. View a video on how to navigate a title in Kanopy.

Some of these titles are also available as DVDs which you can borrow from our Reserve Library Services desk with your ID card. View this video for an example of finding the DVD, 'The Devil Wears Prada".

You can also check WorldCat to find libraries with the title--it may be in DVD or streaming format. 

You can apply for an Access pass library card to visit area libraries such as universities and colleges. View the video to see the form.

Movie Titles: Advertising, PR & Marketing

Movie Titles: Education, Libraries, & Archives

Movie Titles: Global Issues

Movie Titles: Law Enforcement, Legal, Gangster

Movie Titles: Technology

Movie Titles: Religion, Cults

Movie Titles: Business & HR

MovieTitles: Environment

Movie Titles: Government & Politics

Movie Titles: Medicine & Health

Movie Titles: Social Justice, Discrimination


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