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MKTG 230 Principles of Marketing: Chung MKTG 230

Chung; Akdevelioglu



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For this class you need to develop a marketing plan for a new product or innovative service that is new to the US. To try to find products sold in the rest of the world but not in the US, try YouTube and other search engines. Try looking at vireos or stories where travelers or locals are sharing what can be found in a grocery store or a street market. This can help with identifying a regional consumer type product like a food or cosmetic or appliance among others. 

A few suggested search terms:

  • country name  grocery store or pharmacy or department store
  • city name street market
  • city or country name street food
  • "things you can only buy in country or city name"
  • country name shopping
  • living in country or city name

You can also try finding a site that sells local products to people who no longer live in that country like the Norwegian Foodstore or British Corner Store.

Once you know your product use the databases below to try and understand the potential for marketing it in the United States.

Keep in mind these are new to the US or new in general so there won't be a specific market research report available so you have to be creative and looks at reports and data that might he;p you understand your potential market. For example my new product is reindeer meatballs sold in a can. They just need to be opened and heated on a stove top or microwave.  They can be stored long term and are a great source of protein.

Library Instruction for MKTG 230

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Market Research


News Access

Does the library offer direct electronic access to major newspapers and magazines listed here?

We do not. Instead we offer secondary access through ProQuest and EBSCO through the links above. The articles represent the majority, but not all, of the articles published in the print versions of the publications. Most include text only with occasional images. For full and unrestricted access to any publication look at subscribing directly. Most of these publications offer student discounts. That said library access does provide a majority of the content.

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