MGMT 215 Organizational Behavior: Tips for Organizational Behavior Searches

Tips for Searching for Organizational Behavior Articles

  1. Keep in mind that the things people do in organizations are not always described by academic terms. For example if you are looking for articles that demonstrate leadership the writer might not use the word leadership. 
    For example this article about Netflix CEO Reed Hastings interacting with his employees does not use the words leader or leadership but contains examples of how he leads and his leadership style.

  2. Use your textbook and assigned readings to look for clues and words that might help your searches. Textbooks especially usually have reference lists that can help you discover more books or articles. 

  3. The Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology provides entries on many topics within organizational behavior. This can be another starting point for exploring the many aspects of OB.

  4. The Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society has entries that can be helpful in researching business ethics.

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