MGMT 215 Organizational Behavior: Leadership Books

Leadership Books Available From the RIT Library

Don't see the leadership book you want to read in the RIT Library collection or it is already checked out? Check our Connect NY partners using teh link below. They may have a copy that can be delivered in a few business days.

If Connect NY does not have the book order a copy from Interlibrary Loan and we will try to get a copy from another library for you to borrow. Plan ahead as this can take a few days or weeks depending on availability. The service is linked just below

Also if we have an ebook version of a book you want in print just order a copy from Connect NY or Interlibrary Loan.

Lists to Help Identify Leadership Books

These lists are subjective from various entities which have different reason to push these books. Check with your professor before choosing one title for an assignment to make sure it fits the criteria for your class.

If you found a book on the above lists, first check to see if we own a print or electronic copy here:

If the library does not own a book you want to read take these two steps:

1. Check Connect NY to see if one of our partners has a copy that can be sent here for you.

2. If Connect NY does not have the book, order it form Interlibrary Loan (ILL). This service is free.

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