PHYA -530 Research Methods: What is PICO?

Supports professor's introduction to research methodology and design for 4th/5th year students. Course project examples-:clinical practice essay, PA curriculum development, medically-related community services.


  1. PICO is a process.
  2. PICO is not a software like Endnote and Microsoft Word.
  3. PICO is not a database like Pubmed or Cochrane or Uptodate, etc.
  4. PICO helps you frame your research question before and while searching for medical and clinical information.
  5. Framing your research process also requires selecting appropriate keywords to use in the Pubmed database and Cochrane database. 
  6. Use Pubmed's keyword index called MeSH which helps filter out unrelated information.
  7. You will now notice PICO search results in Cochrane database

PICO is the medical/clinical literature research process for identifying, retrieving and assessing evidence based data or information.

Links to the Pubmed and Cochrane Databases



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