PHYA -530 Research Methods: Keep up to date with Alerts

Supports professor's introduction to research methodology and design for 4th/5th year students. Course project examples-:clinical practice essay, PA curriculum development, medically-related community services.

Good Habits: Email Alerts, Saved Searches

  1. Choose a journal or database
  2. Create your personal account in the journal or database
  3. Set up daily/weekly or monthly journal article alerts which are sent to your email.. Follow the source's instructions
  4. You have to first set up a free profile within the electronic journal or database so the system knows where to send updated information.
  5. The next step is to type in the keywords for the system to use to monitor updated journal articles.

The advantage of alerts is that they save you time in retyping your keywords to find updated information.

NEWS UPDATE: Researchers are also using Twitter to keep up with journal article alerts


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