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AMA Citing Tips: Miscellaneous: govt reports, media

A brief guide to citing AMA style

Personal Communication, Lecture Notes

  • Do not include “personal communications” in the list of references. This includes lectures, class notes, and the like. The following forms may be used in the text:


> In a conversation with H. E. Marman, MD (August 2005).…

> According to a letter from H. E. Marman, MD, in August 2005.…

> Similar findings have been noted by Roberts6 and by H. E. Marman, MD (written communication, August 2005).

> According to the manufacturer (H. R. Smith, oral communication, May 2005), the drug became available in Japan in January 2004.

The author should give the date of the communication and indicate whether it was in oral or written (including email) form. Highest academic degrees should also be given. If the affiliation of the person would better establish the relevance and authority of the citation, it should be included (see the example above, where H. R. Smith is identified as the drug’s manufacturer).

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