How to AMA Cite: More than 6 authors format

The 11th edition of the AMA Manual of style was created by the American Medical Association for the health, medical and scientific fields. This is a quick visual guide only. You must consult Chapter 3 in the online AMA manual for detailed explanations.

Format to use when there is more than 6 authors

     Go to AMA section 3.11 References to Journal Articles. 

3.11.1 Complete Data.

A complete reference to a journal article includes the following:

■ Authors’ surnames and initials (the names of all authors should be given unless there are more than 6, in which case the names of the first 3 authors are used, followed by “et al”)

■ Title of article and subtitle, if any

■ Abbreviated name of journal (see 13.10, Abbreviations, Names of Journals)

■ Year (or online publication date [month and day, year] if article is published online first and has yet to appear in a paginated issue or is published in an online-only journal)

■ Volume number

■ Issue number

■ Part or supplement number, when pertinent

■ Location (page[s] or e-locator)

■ DOI (if supplied)

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