Digital Humanities and Social Sciences: Welcome


Welcome! This guide will help you get more familiar with the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, learn about tools and technologies for projects, and give you resources for finding research and learning new skills yourself! 


What is Digital Humanities and Social Sciences? 

Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS) is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field of research that intersects computing, design, and traditional humanistic or social science research methods. DHSS scholars creatively combine research and innovative technologies to develop projects that engage the public, encourage interaction, and inspire further academic inquiry. 

What Qualifies a Project as Digital Humanities and Social Sciences?

As a field, DHSS employs technologies to make discoveries using data--from traditionally-collected data on demographic trends to the data produced in a piece of literature or by interviews in an ethnographic study. 

DHSS projects range from large-scale projects completed by established scholars to those done by classrooms of undergraduates. Classroom applications of DHSS help students to develop scholarly skills for the digital world that can be applied within and beyond academia. 

Common applications of the DHSS field include: 

  • 3D design visualization 
  • Geospatial technology and geographic information systems (GIS) 
  • Electronic literature and digital publishing 
  • Critical analysis of digital culture 
  • Analysis of social media
  • Development of digital games
  • Text analysis and text encoding (TEI) 
  • Digital archiving 
  • Digital exhibit building

DHSS in the Library

Contact Rebekah Walker, DHSS Librarian, with any questions about DHSS or how you can apply it to your research or classroom!


​RIT was one of the first institutions in the nation to offer an undergraduate degree in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences. Visit the DHSS program's website to see more information on their class offerings, projects, and faculty. ​

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