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Mendeley: Advanced Features


Annotate PDFs

You can use Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley on the web to annotate your PDFs.  Highlight text and add your own notes to the stored copies of articles as you read them.

Mendeley Data

Your Mendeley account also allows you to access Mendeley Data, where you can share and discover datasets and store your own research datasets in the cloud.

Mendeley Options

In Mendeley Desktop, use the Tools menu to access your Mendeley Options.  You can configure many optional features here:

  • Allow Mendeley to organize your research files for you
  • Set up a Watched folder to direct Mendeley to automatically import files
  • Configure BibTeX preferences (for BibTeX users)
  • Connect Mendeley to your Zotero library (for Zotero users)

Mendeley Careers

Your Mendeley account also allows you to upload your CV and get job alerts from Mendeley Careers, a repository of job postings in science, technology, and health.

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