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Mendeley: Organizing Your Library


Navigate Mendeley Desktop

Mendeley Desktop offers many features that make it easy to organize and sort your personal library of documents:

  • Click on any of the headings in the center pane to sort by that field - Author, Title, Year, Publication, or Date Added
  • Add an item to your Favorites by clicking the star icon to the left of the title
  • Use the Filters menu at the bottom left to filter your library by publication, author, or personal tag

You can also create folders in Mendeley and place items in your library into one or more folders as desired.

Navigate Mendeley Web

Log into your account on the Mendeley website and you can also access your Library.  Mendeley will automatically sync everything between your desktop and web libraries, so your library can always be accessible to you. 

Organizing your library on the web works mostly the same as it does in the desktop program, with a few differences:

  • Folders are called Collections
  • You can access a Notebook in your web library, where you can write and save personal research notes and annotations

Mendeley Groups

Mendeley supports private groups, which can be used to share documents and references with collaborators and partners.  The easiest way to create a group is to log into your Library on the website (a.k.a. Mendeley Reference Manager) and scroll down the left-hand menu to Private Groups.  Give your group a name, then right-click to access the Manage Groups option.  You can then invite group members by entering their email addresses.  Private groups support up to 25 members.

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