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Mendeley: Building Your Library


Import PDFs

If you already have articles in PDF stored on your computer, or you want to add PDFs directly to your reference management system, Mendeley is an ideal solution for you. 

From your Web Library, you can click "Add New - File(s) from computer" and upload one or more PDFs from a saved location

Or, in Mendeley Desktop, simply drag and drop the PDF into the All Documents center pane.

Mendeley will automatically attach citation metadata to the article. 

Science Direct Export

Mendeley is a product of Elsevier, so the Elsevier Science Direct database offers a direct export to Mendeley feature. 

When working with records for articles in Science Direct, simply click the Add to Mendeley button that appears below the title.

Manually add files in Mendeley Desktop

If all else fails, you can always add items manually using Mendeley Desktop.  Use the Add button in the upper left corner.  You can add an individual file or a folder with multiple files; you can also set Mendeley Desktop to watch a folder and always add new files saved to that folder, or you can add a new entry manually and type or paste in the required data elements.

Web Importer

Use the Web Importer browser plugin to automatically capture references and PDFs (if available to you) when searching Summon and other library databases

When viewing the record for an article you want to save, open the Web Importer, sign in with your Mendeley account if prompted, and then select the reference you want.  Check the available PDF if desired.

Mendeley and Google Scholar

You can import references from Google Scholar searches to your Mendeley library using the Web Importer.  The Web Importer will detect multiple references on the page; you can check one or more to add.

Mendeley Search

Since Mendeley's citation library is crowd-sourced by all Mendeley users, you can search Mendeley directly as a discovery tool.  Log into your account on the Mendeley website and you'll see a search box like the one below:

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