Advertising and Media Planning: News Sources


When looking for news articles on your company, try to use major news sources that are reputable and widely known such as:

It is okay to use local news sources that are from a company's hometown (e.g. Rochester Business Journal article on Kodak) or when you need a local perspective, but be careful using commentaries and editorials - you want to use reliable information, not unsubstantiated opinions.

For news in the advertising industry, you may want to look at some of these top advertising trade publications:

Major news sources

The best place to search for articles in major news publications is ProQuest Complete.  By default articles are sorted by relevance.  Once you run a search, you may want to resort your results by "Most recent first" using the dropdown option to the left of your results – this will help you find current news on your company.

Trade publications

Trade publications are magazines whose target audience is individuals that work in a certain trade or industry.  The content in trade publications is often focused on industry trends, new technologies, important developments and mergers, and other information relevant to the field.  These can be valuable sources of information.  For example, Beverage World would be a good trade publication to consult for updates on Coca-Cola. Advertising Age is the top trade journal for the field of advertising.

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