Advertising and Media Planning: SRDS Tutorials

SRDS Training Videos for Kwon Class 4/20

The tutorials below will walk you through the SRDS platform and locating various advertising information. All videos are hosted and available on YouTube and all are closed captioned.

Videos created by Jennifer Freer

Jan 2022 NOTE: SRDS has undergone a few cosmetic changes since the videos below were created in 2020. The basic navigation shown in the videos below is still relevant. for the basic searching in SRDS.

The INFLUENCERS section in the new interface is not available to RIT despite there being no lock icon next to the category.

1. How to get to SRDS Library Subscription (1:21)

3. Accessing Magazine Info (4:16)

5. Accessing TV and Radio Info (3:51)

2. SRDS Interface and Content Overview (1:24)

4. Accessing Newspaper Info (5:07)

6. Accessing Digital aka Web Info (3:20)

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