Zoom Meetings: Host Perspective---Deaf Tips: During: Breakout Rooms-Captionist and/or Interpreter

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2023 1:37 PM

During the Zoom Meeting-Break-out Room and Captionist and/or Interpreter


Move to the breakout room with DHH students. 

Move interpreter/captionist in with DHH students—note interpreter cannot tell you who the DHH students are due to confidentiality rules

Limitations of Breakout Rooms

Cannot record to the cloud; can record locally

No transcription

Responding to requests for help

Participants in breakout rooms can request that the meeting host join their meeting by clicking Ask for Help .

You will be prompted to join the room where the request originated from. Click Join Breakout Room to join the room.

Broadcasting a message to all breakout rooms

The host or co-hosts can broadcast a message to all breakout rooms to share information with all participants. This can be done from the main session or from within a breakout room. 

  1. Click Breakout Rooms  in the meeting controls.
  2. Click Broadcast message to all, enter your message, and click Broadcast.
  3. The message will now appear for all participants in breakout rooms.


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