Zoom Meetings: Host Perspective---Deaf Tips: Host Perspective: Zoom Meetings

Last Updated: May 9, 2024 3:40 PM

Host Perspective: Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings 

Authors: Joan Naturale (NTID Librarian) and Laura Braggiotti (Interpreter).

Disclaimer: This InfoGuide lists tips for hosting/participating in meetings. This information is based on our notes as of 2021 July 30.  This is an evolving document.  Some tips are provided courtesy of Northern Essex Community College and RIT Teaching & Learning (adapted).

In the left-hand columns are tabs you can click on for information.  Note: DHH is an acronym for Deaf and hard-of-hearing, and DB is DeafBlind. 

We are open to your feedback and tips about your experiences on Zoom related to communication, technology, and anything else. You can click on our names, which include our e-mail addresses.

-Before - Getting Ready for a Zoom Meeting and enabling Zoom features on your settings

-During - Meeting Settings on Zoom    
-After - Access to Shared Materials from Zoom

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