Zoom Meetings: Host Perspective---Deaf Tips: Before: Agenda and Time Slots

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2023 1:37 PM

Before: Getting Ready: Agenda and Time Slots

Zoom Host: Before all Meetings, Prepare and Send out An Agenda

Agenda for All Meetings: 1-1,  Small Zoom Meetings (3-15), Large Meetings or Webinars  (16 +)

For Zoom meetings, it is especially important to have an agenda as it helps everyone to be on the same page, especially with diverse communication modes. (Include interpreters and/or captionists). 

Include the topics, allotted time, and names of people who will talk.

Sample  Agenda with Time Slots and Speakers

Thursday, July 15
1:00-1:30: Discuss reference procedures for the fall (all)-30 mins

1:30-1:45: Updates (all)-15 mins

1:45-2:00-Open Issues (all)-15 mins

An Agenda

-Benefit: to all
        -All know topic ahead of time 

        -Prepare questions, comments, do research

-Benefit for Visual Language/Interpreted Message utilizers
-Keep track of topics being interpreted
          Ex: Joan: so I know in 5 mins, topic change will occur

-Benefit to interpreter:
        -Know topic

         Ex: Easier to prep, research ahead 

         Ex.: Easier to interpret, knowing these topics

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