Deaf People in Astronomy and Rocket Science: Frank Ross Gray

Frank Ross Gray

The photograph on the left is by David Adam Kess.

Frank Ross Gray (1856-1924) was a deaf lens maker working for an optical company in Pittsburgh. He designed and built a brass telescope that is at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD). After graduating from Gallaudet, he volunteered at the WPSD to show students how to use the telescope and share his knowledge of the heavens. The company that Gray worked for made refractors, reflectors, and Bruce doublet wide-field cameras for observatories around the world. Gray made over 50,000 lenses and prisms. In 1915, he worked on a six-foot astronomical mirror for the Canadian government. This entry is from Dr. Harry Lang's book, Silence of the Spheres. 

Binary Stars

A Shooting Star in the Night Time

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