Deaf People in Astronomy and Rocket Science: Leland Melvin

Leland Melvin

Leland Melvin is the only person in history to catch a pass in the National Football League and in space. Though his path from the gridiron to the heavens was riddled with setbacks and injury, Leland persevered to reach the stars. While training with NASA, Leland suffered a severe injury that left him  deaf He was relegated to earthbound assignments but chose to remain and support his  astronaut;family. His loyalty paid off: after he recovered partial hearing, he earned his eligibility for space travel. He served as a mission specialist for two flights aboard the shuttle Atlantis, working on the International Space Station. In this inspirational memoir, the former NASA  -visited  and professional athlete offers an examination of the intersecting roles of community, perseverance, and grace that align to shape our opportunities and outcomes. Chasing Space is not the story of one man but the story of many men and women, scientists and mentors, who helped him defy the odds and live out an uncommon destiny. The life story of Leland--chemist, athlete, engineer, and space traveler--is a study in the science of achievement. His personal insights illuminate that grit and drive are the keys to overcoming adversity and rising to success.

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