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NENG 231 Bridge to College English: Wellness


Finding Encyclopedias & Books

Image of a book cover entitled Encyclopedia of Alternative MedicineWellness is about mental, physical, and social well-being. The focus is on the multidimensional and holistic view of individual heath. Education about promoting a healthy lifestyle and self-care to prevent disease is emphasized. Each broad category (mental, physical, social well-being) has sub-topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, supportive interpersonal relationships,the mind-body connection and having a healthy mind-set. An interesting topic to explore is Workplace Health and Programs.

There are print and online encyclopedias about different aspects of health which you can look up by using your topic AND encyclopedia. An example is nutrition AND encyclopedia, or  psychology AND encyclopedia. When I searched the RIT Libraries Catalog, I found a  Stress encyclopedia, an Emotion encyclopedia, and an  Interpersonal Relationships encyclopedia.

Alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine, as well as natural healing methods, such as Yoga, massage therapy, herbs, organic food, and related topics can be found. For example, there is a Green Health A-Z GuideGreen Food A-Z guide, and the  Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine.

An interesting topic is related to wellness and tourism/healing journeys! For example, people may travel to spas, take in spring waters, go on wellness retreats, health resorts, or get a Thai massage in Thailand!  When searching for books on this topic, you can use the keywords spas, health resorts, wellness tourism, or medical tourism. The Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries has sections on health spas and medical tourism.

Once you have identified your topic, then look for books (print/online) using different keywords. You will not necessarily read or use the whole book. You might be interested in a chapter that you can use during your research.

Search the Library Catalog

After searching the RIT Libraries Catalog, if you cannot find what you need from our collection, start a new search, look at the right side column and click on Connect NY. You can borrow books for free from university libraries in NY state

More: Databases

Popular Databases

The National Library of Medicine database includes PubMed, MEDLINE, as well as other resources.

The Center for Disease Control database includes a Healthy Living section.

Check out the PBS videos.

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