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NENG 231 Bridge to College English: Deaf Gain

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The image is from the Handspeak website and shows a woman signing "Deaf Gain". Deaf Gain in contrast to 'hearing loss' is defined as a "reframing of “Deaf” as a form of sensory and cognitive diversity that has the potential to contribute to the greater good of humanity" (Bauman and Murray, 2009).  For example, discoveries have been made in the fields of language, linguistics, cognitive sciences, technology, sociology, architecture, education, visual arts, signing arts, and transnational cultures due to the contributions of the Deaf and Signing Communities (Bauman & Murray, 2009). Related concepts include the theories Deaf Community Cultural Wealth (Listman, Rogers & Hauser, 2011) and Deaf Capital (Presentation, Hauser & Kurz, 2014).

Check out the book Deaf Gain: Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity and the  Sage Deaf Studies Encyclopedia.

Check out the Audism and Deaf-Gain Guide for more resources.

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