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Last Updated: May 9, 2024 3:41 PM

Recording Benefits

Recording Benefits

Recording promotes accessibility:

       -Benefits all:

        -sometimes members miss things and help us review

        -sometimes members are absent from meeting

        -even if notes are taken, missed nuances are in recording

-Benefit to visual language users, watching interpreted  message:

       -sometimes hard to follow all message

        -interpreter process time, so a bit behind

        -sometimes hard to follow speakers

        -message might not be exact

   -Visual tracking challenges: 

        -shared screen,


        -review chat and interpreted message          

            -Stakeholders' use of recording:                 

             -Deaf, Learning Differences, DeafBlind, International, Visual learning style for review

               -Hearing, Learning Differences, Low Vision, International, Visual Learning style for review

            -Offered to tutors, to review

            -Shared with an interpreter to use for PD and assessment with the manager

            -Anyone absent from the meeting 


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