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Last Updated: May 9, 2024 3:41 PM

During-Zoom--Managing BreakOut Rooms and Sreen-sharing

How to manage breakout rooms in progress

Once the breakout rooms have been started, the assigned participants will be asked to join the Breakout Session. The host, or co-host that launched the breakouts and the original host, will stay in the main meeting until joining a session manually. If a participant has not joined the session yet, it will be noted by (not joined) next to their name. You can click these options in the breakout rooms window:

  • Join: Join the breakout room.
  • Leave: Leave the room and return to the main meeting (only shows when in a breakout room).
  • Close All Rooms: Stops all rooms after a 60 second countdown, which is shown to the host, co-hosts, and participants, and returns all participants back to the main meeting.

Hover your pointer over the name of the breakout room and click the ellipsis button  to access more options for that particular breakout room:

Note: Adjusting Breakout Rooms while they are open must be enabled for your account by Zoom, enabled in your Breakout Room settings, and have all participants connected through version 5.9.0 or higher. 

  • Add Participants: Add additional participants to an existing Breakout Room. Select the participants you want to add to this room and click Assign
  • Rename: Rename the Breakout Room. Enter the new name of the room and click Rename
  • Delete Room: Delete the already in-progress Breakout Room. All participants in the room will be unassigned and moved into the main session. 

How to respond to requests for help

Participants in breakout rooms can request that the meeting host join their meeting by clicking Ask for Help .

You will be prompted to join the room where the request originated from. Click Join Breakout Room to join the room.

How to broadcast a message to all breakout rooms

The host or co-hosts can broadcast a message to all breakout rooms to share information with all participants. This can be done from the main session or from within a breakout room.

Note: This must be enabled in your Breakout Room settings.  

  1. Click Breakout Rooms  in the meeting controls.
  2. Click Broadcast message to all, enter your message, and click Broadcast.
  3. The message will now appear for all participants in breakout rooms.

Share screen to breakout rooms

Once breakout rooms are open, the host or co-host can share their screen from the main session directly into all open breakout rooms. This allows the presenter to share visual information to all breakout rooms as once, guiding them on next steps or tasks. 

  1. Click Share Screen  in the meeting controls. 
  2. Enable the Share to breakout rooms option along the bottom of the share window. 
  3. Choose what you would like to share, including an entire screen, a specific open program, or others. 
  4. Click Share. The selected content will be shared to all breakout rooms. Any active shares in any breakout rooms will be interrupted for the host's/co-host's shared screen. Annotation or whiteboarding is saved before the host's shared content is viewed. 

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