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Zoom Classes: Deaf Tips: Before, During & After: Enabling Interpreter or Captionist to Join, Guidelines, Display Name
Last Updated: Jul 27, 2023 9:27 AM

Before: Getting Ready: Enabling an Interpreter or Captionist to Join

Go to your settings, meetings, and scroll down to RIT approved domains. While scheduling a meeting, if you use the "Only authenticated users can join" setting, make sure to use the RIT Approved Domains option (the default).

This option has both RIT accounts and the main caption contractor accounts configured for access. If a captionist cannot get into your meeting, have the captionist send you their work email address.

Edit your profile settings in and add their domain (everything after the @ in their email address) to the RIT Approved Domains list. If the captionist does not have a work email address, follow the recommendations at FAQ about captionists/interpreters and security settings.

Meeting Authentication Options:

RIT Approved Domains (Default)
RIT Only
Sign in t
o Zoom

Click on Edit RIT Aprroved Domains.

RIT Approved Domains,,, *,

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