Deaf Suffragists/Activists: Le Mansois, Madeleine

Madeleine Le Mansois

Signature of Madeleine Le Mansois in 1810, AD of Maine-et-LoirePicture at left entitled "Signature of Madeleine Le Mansois in 1810, AD of Maine-et-Loire" from Yann Cantin. Madeleine Le Mansois (1750-1826).

Orphaned early in her life, her uncle took over her care. Due to coming from an aristocratic background, she obtained an outstanding education.  

Madeleine fought to choose her marriage partner, despite her uncle's opposition. At age 25 (in 1776), she plans a secret wedding, but the courts will not allow her to marry due to laws forbidding the marriage of the deaf without parental consent. She fought for the right to marry despite being deaf at the highest court, the Parliament of Paris, and won. Since then, the deaf has the right to marry whom they choose (Cantin, Yann, 2019).

English transcript of French video below.

French deaf woman who defended her right to choose the person with whom to share her life. An uncommon situation at the time in which she lived (around 1775), and more so in the case of a deaf woman. The fact of being a trained woman gave her arguments to defend her independence before the Justice. This and other illustrious deaf personalities, starred in the visit that yesterday afternoon organized the World Federation of the Deaf Ry and the FNSF Fédération Nationale des Sourds de France to the Pantheon in Paris. You can see in this video the story of Madeleine Le Mansois.



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