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Customer Experience

If you are looking for articles, scholarly or practical, start with the ProQuest database linked below. You can start right in searching but I recommend first watching a ProQuest tutorial to see how that product works and for some advice from me on searching. 

All search products, including Google are designed and coded differently. I believe watching a tutorial will save you time in the long run when the product does not react like you might expect it to. It also covers how to order from IDS Express when the databases do not have the full text immediately available. We do not have immediate access to all the articles that you may discover so you will have to use IDS especially for newer academic research. It is a free service which expands you access to research materials.

You can always check our A-Z Periodical List to see which journals, magazines and periodicals we have immediate full text access to.  The Journal Finder will come in handy because not all of our vendors play nice together in letting their products talk to each other.

I like ProQuest because it has academic and practical articles. It also looks into our other article databases to see if we have the full text. When we do not have full text but the article looks good use IDS Express link below to order a PDF copy. (IDS may take a few days or more to obtain an article and not everything can be obtained.)

Keep in mind that the articles may or may not use those exact words given to you in your assignment. You need to think of the ideas conceptually and practically to come up with synonyms for the concepts in the question. First just brainstorm on the different ways writers might represent those ideas and ways you have seen them play out in conversations, then as you find articles take note of the other words you see to add to your word list.

In business literature there is no standardization so you have to be open to the idea that the initial description of the topic has multiple ways to be described. Are they customers? Consumers? Is it experience or satisfaction or another term used to represent that? See what I mean? Try searching ProQuest using the abstract for “customer experience” or “consumer experience”. Copy and paste this search string into the ProQuest search box to launch that search ab(“customer experience” or “consumer experience”) Use the link below to launch our ProQuest subscription.

If using academic articles is new to you, you will want to understand how academic articles and practical articles differ in appearance and content. How they look is a quick way to distinguish between the two. Other differences are academic articles are usually written by faculty at universities with terminal degrees, they have methodologies and literature reviews, no pictures but instead tables charts or graphs.

Also keep in mind that you are researching two concepts and if you can find articles that discuss both concepts that is great, but more than likely you are reading across the two topics separately and drawing your own insights, analysis, and conclusions. If you are targeting a specific industry also be open to reading generally on the topic and apply that to the industry in addition to looking for articles that link topic an industry directly.


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