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Marketing: Demographics Data

Scope of Demographics Data Presented Here

The bulk of the resources below are for consumer demographics. For business demographics try The Census Data link below. The US census tracks some business information. Other government agencies do as well along with many private sources we will not have access to. Try Google and ProQuest news searches to discover which entities might track business statistics. You can also meet with the business librarian for strategies.

Demographic Databases

Choosing a Claritas Report Type

Use the matrix to identify the name of the report you want. It shows cross listings of variables. Then use the breadcrumb trail to locate the report in Claritas. Inside Claritas there are robust help guides to help you understand what reports contain and how to read them.

What each report type measures

  Behaviors Demographics Geography Segments
Behaviors Profile Ranking Index no report Market Potential Target Segment Measure Profile Worksheet
Demographics no report no report Consumer Concentration no report
Geography Market Potential Consumer Concentration no report Target Concentration Segment Distribution
Segments Target Segment Measure Profile Worksheet no report Target Concentration Segment Distribution no report

Where to find each report type

  • Consumer Concentration: Reports → Standard Reports → Demographic Reports → Consumer Concentration
  • Market Potential: Reports → Segmentation Reports → Lifestyler Reports → Market Potential
  • Profile Ranking Index: Reports → Segmentation Reports → Profiler Reports → Profile Ranking Index
  • Profile Worksheet: Reports → Segmentation Reports → Profiler Reports → Profile Worksheet
  • Segment Distribution: Reports → Segmentation Reports → Market Overview Reports → Segment Distribution
  • Target Concentration: Reports → Segmentation Reports → Locator Reports → Target Concentration
  • Target Segment Measure: Reports → Segmentation Reports → Lifestyler Reports → Target Segment Measure

Author: Lara Nicosia

Spring 2021 Industry & Marketing Resources

Deeper Consumer Information

Consumer Segments help a marketer understand who your current and potential customers are. Claritas sells access to large datasets that assist with the analysis of consumer demographics, economics, psychographics.

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