Deaf Art Collections: Beam, Fred (African American)

Fred Beam

Fred Michael Beam has a varied theatrical background, including acting, choreography, directing, administration, advocacy and leadership. He served as president of National Black Deaf Advocates from 2007 to 2009, and executive director of Invisible Hands International, which promoted deaf awareness through the performing arts.

He previously performed as one of the Wild Zappers, an American Sign Language/dance ensemble of black deaf men, which he co-founded with Irvine Stewart and Warren “Wawa” Snipe in 1989. The troupe performed throughout the United States and abroad. Beam also directed the National Deaf Dance Theatre.

For his outstanding work with the deaf community, Beam was chosen one of Essence Magazine’s Real Men of the Year (2006), and was DEAF LIFE magazine’s Deaf Person of the Month in December 2007.

Beam graduated from RIT/NTID and was appointed outreach coordinator for Sunshine 2.0, the new theater outreach program at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in 2016.

Title Medium Year Size Acquired Picture
Through the Eyes of Deaf Slave Mixed media: watercolor, color pencil 2009 51 x 41 cm,
framed 74 x 49 cm

Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian


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