Deaf Art Collections: McGregor, Tony (part Native American)

Tony McGregor

Tony McGregor, usually called "Tony Mac," is a nationally known Deaf artist. He was interested in art as a child and attended Gallaudet University and then the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 2015 he was at the University of Texas, pursuing a doctorate in multicultural special education with an emphasis on museum studies. McGregor helped establish the National Association of the Native American Deaf (now called Intertribal Deaf Council). He is known for southwestern themed artworks, particularly his wood-burned gourds

Title Medium Year Size Acquired Picture
Squash Blossom woodcut print 1995 6" x 6" Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID LIbrarian
Texas Turtle woodcut print 1997 6" x 4.5" Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID LIbrarian
ASL Eagle Print
Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID LIbrarian


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