Deaf Art Collections: Johnston, Paul

Paul Johnston

Born deaf, artist Paul Johnston attended the California School for the Deaf at Riverside and the Oregon School for the Deaf. In 1978, he became the first Deaf student to earn a BFA in furniture design and woodworking from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also studied drama at RIT and acted with the National Theater of the Deaf. In 1980 he went to Penn State University, earning his master’s and doctorate degrees in art education. Currently, Johnston teaches drawing and sculpture at Gallaudet University. He was one of 9 signatories to the De’VIA manifesto which occurred at the 1989 Deaf Way conference. He was the first to teach Deaf Art as a class. He considers himself an interdisciplinary artist, delving in visual arts, theatre, and poetry. 

Title Medium Year Size Acquired Picture
Black Mask III 3D mixed media 2006  

Purchased by 
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian

Mystical Mask XII 3D mixed media   ?   Purchased by 
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian
Visual Learner watercolor paiting 1998 56 x 52 cm Purchased by 
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian
Deaf Education Pinball

watercolor painting

2008 56 x 41 cm Gift of Artist


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