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Deaf Art Collections: Salaway, Tracey


Tracey Salaway

Tracey Salaway was born in 1961 in Manhattan, New York City. During her first 5 years, Tracey lived in Brooklyn Heights, NY and attended the St. Joseph School for the Deaf in Bronx, NY for 10 months. Her family moved to Port Washington, NY and Tracey entered a local mainstreamed hearing school. Tracey was transferred to an Oralist program at the beginning of Junior High. Tracey attended the National Technical Institute for the Deaf for one year before transferring to the College of Fine and Applied Arts (since renamed to the College of Art and Design) of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Tracey graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 1985. During her professional experience, Tracey worked and interacted her way up from being a production artist to Art Director for 7 years through various corporations, in-house departments, and art studios. Tracey returned to RIT in 1991 to study Film/Video related to Computer Animation, and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in 1995. Tracey is a professor of art at Gallaudet University, teaching various Art and Media Design courses.

Title Medium Year Size Acquired Picture
I am Fish Digital Art Print 2003 24” x 28” Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian
A Bird is Free Digital Art Print 2003 24” x 29” Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian
"The New Future" [World trade center with daisy and Dali’s last supper at bottom]  Digital Art Print 2003 24” x 39" Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian
"Self-Expression Matters/
DieHard of Hearing -
Evil Snail Comes After You!"
Printed broadside  2002 11” x 8 1/2” Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian
"Scares Deaf/DieHard of Hearing -
Why does fear reverberate through our society??"
Digital Art PRint 2003 28 1/2" x 23” Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian
Untitled (depicts kites) Stained Glass Piece undated 28 1/2" x 23” Donated by Paula Grcevic  


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