Deaf Art Collections: Sigüenza, Rolando

Rolando Sigüenza

"Rolando Sigüenza was born in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico on July 17th, 1972. Lost his hearing when only seven months old due to a medicine prescribed by a local doctor, such unfortunate event changed his way and approach to a world surrounded by sound and nowadays urban noise. Inspired by the necessity of communication and relate to others, his parents decided to move and got him to a school for the hearing impaired in Mexico City, where he learned to use his voice.

Charisma and a spiritual halo embrace his charming personality and it's perfectly portrayed and achieved in all his artworks. Rolando's work has been a reference for innocence, joy, and respect for life, in many occasions, angels become muses fulfilling and accomplishing their messages to a mundane scenario. According to art experts, collectors, and professional art critiques, he is framed into the folkloric art movement strongly developed by recognized artists in Oaxaca.

Rodolfo Morales has a great influence and for many reasons his main impronta, are motioned women, men, children, and dogs, not so far from Chagallþs surrealism, gather in a Mexican rich cultured rural town.​ Frontiers, boundaries, humiliation, mockery, and ignorance transformed into challenges to win a place to dignify a person`s hearing disability, being deaf has nothing to do to depend on the hands of people's mercy. It's his positive and cherished attitude that brings generosity to all of his thoughts, words, and actions.." The collection contains one watercolor painting by Deaf Latinx artist Rolando Siguenza. The painting depicts six young men with angels' wings with a yellow background foregrounded by a wrought iron gate. At lower right, another young male in profile with wings looks on.

Title Medium Year Size Acquired Picture
Entrada Watercolor on paper 2006 41 x 32 cm Purchased by
Joan Naturale,
NTID Librarian

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