Deaf Art Collections: Schertz, Jackie (Jacqueline) (Jewish American)

Jackie (Jacqueline) Schertz

Jacqueline Schertz is Deaf and a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Social Work and Master in Career and Human Resource Development programs. She hails from New York City, where her love for the arts began. Going to art museums or taking art classes was then and still is very much a part of Jackie’s life. Stained glass is Jackie’s favorite art medium because of the interplay of light and color through the glass. Currently, she is Practicum Coordinator with RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) ASL and Interpreting Education program.

The mandala design was inspired by a workshop that Jackie attended. The workshop, offered by Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Victims (ASADV) in Rochester, NY, was titled “Envisioning a Better Future with Mandalas.” Participants had various mandala patterns on paper to choose from and color them with colored pencils, crayons, markers, paint, etc. Once Jackie started coloring, it struck her that the design would translate well into a stained glass art piece. The process of making this stained glass mandala was similar to being in a state of meditation.

Title Medium Year Size Acquired Picture
Stained Glass Mandala multi-colored stained glass window 2014 65 x 65 cm. (75 x 75 cm. in frame]

Purchased by Joan Naturale, NTID

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